Wind Energy

Solutions applied to the wind energy sector

The solid experience we have gained in the aeronautics sector translates into a commitment to excellence in the wind energy sector, where large structures, automation and precise tolerances are also essential. In a world where major OEMs are looking for reliable suppliers with state-of-the-art technology, Aritex offers cutting-edge solutions.

Wind Turbine Blade Solutions

Our experience and expertise are deployed in the assembly of wind turbine blades. We address the challenge of working with advanced materials such as carbon fibre, while prioritising high-precision internal automation. In addition, we have designed ergonomic and user-friendly environments for our customers.

At Aritex, we provide end-to-end solutions for blade assembly that ensure quality and efficiency.

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Wind Turbine Nacelle Solutions

Our experience covers some of the largest nacelles ever manufactured in the wind industry. We tailor our assembly lines for these large components, considering the need for speed, accessibility and, at the same time, the high loads and exacting tolerances associated with these parts.

At Aritex, we are committed to providing leading-edge solutions for wind turbine nacelles that drive sustainable energy.

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Our engineering experience is not limited to providing and designing solutions: we seek project success.

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