Software solutions

Applied Software solutions

Aritex Software Department is focused on providing complete solutions for the manufacturing industry. We offer a wide range of high-performance software solutions to boost the efficiency of manufacturing processes:

Digital factory solutions

The Aritex team integrates commercial solutions and custom HMI/SCADA control software development for applications tailored to our customers:

  • Our designs focus on Situational Awareness (SA) and the creation of High-Performance HMI Interfaces (HP-HMI).
  • We develop HMI based on standards such as ISO 9241-210:2019, ANSI/ISA-101.01-2015 and ANS/ISA-TR101.02-2019.
  • We ensure secure access through role-based access control (RBAC).
  • We work with industrial communication protocols and bridges, such as S7, OPC-DA, OPC-UA or REST API, among others.
  • We integrate manufacturing execution systems (MES) with ERP to orchestrate work orders (WO) and digital factory solutions to improve automation, reduce and control process time and facilitate the collection, evaluation, and analysis of KPIs and plant data.

Do you want to know more about our software solutions

Do you want to know more about our software solutions

Digitalisation and process engineering consulting

We offer digitization consultancy for any manufacturing industry.

Our software development team can design, implement, and support complex solutions for Industry 4.0.

We cover all phases of development

  • Design (layout, process, functional definition, architecture, electrical schematics, … ) both in the cloud (Azure/AWS) and On-Premise architectures.
  • Development (Agile or Waterfall methodologies. Interface and control programming).
  • Implementation (Assembly and production start-up, FAI).
  • Ongoing support (SLA, incident support and training).

At Aritex we also offer solutions for managing data generated by Industry 4.0 technologies.

  • Business Intelligence (BI) and Machine Learning: We transform large volumes of data into indicators that help you make strategic and operational decisions. This adds significant value to your company by analyzing and applying data effectively in strategic and operational activities.
  • Feasibility studies and SW industrialization strategy: We assess the feasibility and advise you on the software strategy for industrialization.
  • At Aritex, we are committed to providing you with complete solutions that address your software needs in industry, especially in the aerospace and automotive sectors.

Software product development

At our Software Department, we specialize in developing software products in key areas:

  • atxVISION – Computer Vision
    Our machine vision solution atxVISION is designed to support the intelligent automation of manufacturing processes. It is already integrated into all LOXIN Tricept machines for precise machining (non-final photo), giving them the ability to:

    • Locate reference points, such as holes, edges, and fasteners.
    • Detect edges for accurate positioning.
    • Perform real-time position corrections.
    • Measure countersinks in 3D.
    • Measure nuts for accurate levelling.
  • atxMETRICS – Metrology

    Our atxMETRICS software focuses on geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) validation processes. It allows:

    • Automate complex measurement tasks.
    • Generate and control optimal tool assembly paths in a BEST FIT system.
    • Compatible with standard programs such as XML MAA.
    • Used for automated dimensional inspections in QA operator support applications.
  • atxPIK
    Robot simulation and programming
    We offer solutions for path generation and simulation, as well as Offline Robot Programming (OLP).
  • atxHMI
    Advanced HMI Our advanced user interface atxHMI provides intelligent analysis and generation of ISO 6983 code for robots/CNC, full part history and cycle traceability. In addition, we have the capability to develop custom industrial applications using state-of-the-art methodologies and software development best practices.

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Aritex prides itself on delivering high performance software solutions in these key areas to drive efficiency in industry.

Our engineering experience is not limited to providing and designing solutions: We seek project success.

At Aritex, quality and efficiency start with you. Tell us about your project and together we’ll make it happen. Let’s talk!

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