Solutions for Aeronautics sector

Solutions applied to the Aeronautics sector

As specialists in the development of automated production lines in the automotive sector, our company decided to expand its experience and know-how to the world of aeronautics in 2001. Manufacturing tolerances, efficiency and productivity have been our focus ever since.

The manufacture of aero structures, with their inherent complexity, has become a challenge that we have embraced. Our engineering philosophy focuses on providing state-of-the-art solutions that integrate the latest technology available, while considering the importance of usability for people. We believe that the key to success lies in giving birth to production lines and manufacturing facilities that always consider the needs of the end user.

Aritex‘s mission is to drive innovation and excellence in the aerospace industry, providing solutions that make a difference in an industry that demands the best. We are proud to collaborate with our customers to overcome the most demanding challenges and deliver superior results on every project.

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Drilling & Fastening

The aerospace industry presents unique challenges in terms of precision, tolerance, repeatability, and reliability. At Aritex, we have developed robotic solutions specifically designed to address the needs of this industry.

Our solutions cover a wide range of tasks, such as drilling and riveting, measuring, clamping, clamping, tightening, milling, trimming, etc. What sets us apart, among other things, is our innovative application of machine vision, which improves precision, efficiency and quality in every process step.

Our heads are a combination of technologies designed to suit each task, offering the flexibility to work on both standard robotic platforms and our patented technology, the Tricept system.

At Aritex, we are committed to providing advanced solutions that enable the aerospace industry to reach new levels of excellence and efficiency.

Assembly Line

We have extensive experience in the assembly of virtually all essential aircraft aero structures, from the joining of torsion boxes to the implementation of composite production lines.

Our design approaches are based on the constant search for the best manufacturing process, ensuring that each tooling and tooling concept is designed with a focus on reliability and automation. In addition, operator health and safety and ergonomics are fundamental aspects of our designs.

We have delivered assembly solutions worldwide for a variety of aircraft components, including HTP, VTP, Wings, CWB, Keel Beams, Air Inlets, Stringers, Pylons, fuselages, and End Lines among others.

Aritex’s priority is to provide high quality assembly solutions that meet the most demanding standards of the aerospace industry.


At Aritex, we understand the importance of specific jigs and fixtures in aircraft manufacturing. Our range of customised fixtures and fittings plays a crucial role in aircraft assembly.

Our designs are designed to fix parts, guide them precisely and position them optimally during manufacturing processes. We prioritise the prevention of deviations and errors, always aiming to achieve the highest possible precision.

In addition, we strive to offer the most ergonomic solutions to ensure comfort and efficiency at work.

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Credits: Airbus

Transport tools

In the aerospace industry, transport tools are essential for moving valuable components from one place to another without risk of damage or vibration. Each design is tailored specifically to the parts, while also considering environmental and surrounding conditions.

Our approach aims to provide the best user experience, ensuring easy loading and unloading, as well as compatibility with equipment such as cranes, lifting stations, lifting devices and more.

Intelligent design can simplify logistics and optimise the overall efficiency of a production facility, while ensuring the safety and integrity of transported parts, avoiding any stress on components.

Measuring stations

To keep up with evolving manufacturing techniques and meet the increasing accuracy requirements of our customers’ specifications, we have incorporated state-of-the-art measurement control systems at the end of our production lines.

This approach led us to develop our own software solutions, combining top quality measurement hardware with high tolerance and repeatability jigs and tools. These automated solutions are turnkey and can include robotic technology.

Our system provides comprehensive reports with all data in real time, enabling informed decisions and a holistic view of each manufactured part.

High precision systems

We understand the demands of manufacturing sectors, such as the aerospace industry, which require the production of large parts to micron tolerances. To address these challenges, we at Aritex have developed specific solutions that, while they may require some adaptation to the final product, are based on specialist and fundamental knowledge that is key to each application.

We originally designed these solutions as part of our turnkey production lines, but in some cases, customers have requested to implement them as individual stations or integrate them into their existing production lines.

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Our high-precision solutions include:


Designed to automate the positioning of large parts, leveraging CNC capabilities, suitable or not for a measuring system.

Custom fit solutions

Tailored to specific manufacturing needs, these solutions offer high accuracy, repeatability, and the ability to adjust the final assembly to achieve an optimal match between parts, ensuring the best possible assembly. We use CNC controls and automated laser measurements to achieve these results.

Gantry Transport and Positioning in geometry

For large parts and tight tolerances, we employ robotic cranes with CNC capabilities and custom end-effectors fully adapted to the part being transported, especially when dealing with materials such as fresh carbon fibre.

We have developed solutions that can handle parts up to 40 metres long with positioning tolerances of 0.1 mm for both rigid and flexible parts. Sometimes, interpolation of more than 33 axes is required to not only transport the parts, but also to shape them according to the required geometry specifications.

Our engineering experience is not limited to providing and designing solutions: We seek project success.

At Aritex, quality and efficiency start with you. Tell us about your project and together we’ll make it happen. Let’s talk!

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