AUDI Q3 – Assembly powertrain with body in white (Wedding)

Sector Automotive

Offering a semi-automatic solution for joining the engine-powertrain assembly and the body, using lifting tables and motorized rollers as the transport system. It also has a sophisticated robotized automatic bolting system, which ensures the quality of the assembly.

In addition, an efficient management program has been implemented that monitors the tightening of the bolts and performs continuous online checks.

This combination of technologies provides an accurate and efficient solution for the joining process, optimizing both productivity and the quality of the final product.

Challenge to solve

The task was to overcome the challenge of increasing productivity on the assembly lines, ensuring excellence of the final product and maintaining a safe working environment within the framework of an automated work process.

Proposed solution

To solve the challenge, a solution was implemented by adding an exhaustive study and the development of viable and efficient production processes. Likewise, we worked on a space distribution according to the client’s specifications. All this, plus the use of off-line simulation, resulted in an effective automatic and robotized production process.


The design and manufacture of the means of production for the manufacture of pre-series assemblies was carried out, as well as the final quality control of the product in accordance with the quality standards required by our client. In addition, the installation and commissioning of the project was carried out by a team of experts specialized in the customer’s own standards.

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