Augmented Reality
Support for maintenance and production teams

Industrial Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is an exceptional tool for improving efficiency and control in your operations. With innovative and scalable solutions, we offer the right AR technology to meet your business needs.

Harness its full potential to solve knowledge gaps, optimize manufacturing processes, improve training and service, and personalize your marketing and sales strategies. Augmented Reality is the complete solution that will transform your operations, bringing quality and insight to every task.

Remote assistance

Discover remote assistance with Augmented Reality: a perfect combination of innovation and efficiency for your maintenance and production team. Use your operators’ existing devices and boost remote assistance, speeding up the response time of your experts.

Resolve incidents faster and more efficiently by harnessing the power of Augmented Reality. Discover a new way of working that drives progress and quality in every task.

Knowledge transfer

Augmented Reality: gives you the ability to transfer knowledge in a new and simple way, making the knowledge of experienced, veteran operators available to everyone.

Get detailed instructions that will guide front-line workers quickly and accurately.

  • Create content quickly and easily.
  • Transfer knowledge in a simplified way for very complicated or one-off tasks that are not usually performed on a day-to-day basis.
  • Have always up to date content.

Augmented Reality work instructions

Improve your productivity with 3D Augmented Reality instructions, accelerating learning and improving productivity in inspections and field maintenance.

Thanks to Augmented Reality you will be able to:

  • Improve quality and inspection processes.
  • Streamline and simplify learning for front-line staff, optimizing quality inspections and field maintenance.
  • Promote continuous improvement.

Transform your data into Augmented Reality experiences

Vuforia is a leader in augmented reality with 70% market share. With Vuforia Studio, a no-code platform with no programming required, you can create your own Augmented Reality projects.

Transform your IoT and CAD data into detailed Augmented Reality experiences, delivering crucial information to your frontline workers at the right time and in the right place. Move forward with quality and efficiency in every task.

With a customized implementation of ARITEX Code you will achieve:

  • Increase the satisfaction and productivity of your workers.
  • Reduce the costs of errors, waste, and accidents.
  • Competitive advantage over other companies in the sector.

Remove connectivity obstacles to undertake Industry 4.0 projects that will transform your operations.

At Aritex, quality and efficiency start with you. Tell us about your project and together we’ll make it happen. Let’s talk!

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