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Aritex - Proyectos llave en mano
Aritex - Proyectos llave en mano
Aritex - Proyectos llave en mano
Aritex - Proyectos llave en mano
Aritex Proyectos llave en mano proyectos
Aritex Proyectos llave en mano proyectos

Tailored engineering solutions

Aritex Proyectos llave en mano proyectos
Aritex Proyectos llave en mano proyectos

International Aeronautics and Space Paris Show
Aritex has attended the International Aeronautics and Space Show, Paris Air Show 2023, held in Paris-Le Bourget from June 19th to 25th, for which it has had support of ICEX and co-financing from the European ERDF (FEDER) fund.

A way to make Europe

European Regional Development Fund

Welcome to Aritex,
Global leader in technological solutions for industry 4.0.

Since 1961, we have stood out as the main supplier of tools, jigss and automatic solutions for the automotive industry, and since 2001, we have successfully diversified our activity to the aerospace sector. We are currently also developing customized solutions for sectors such as wind energy and construction, among others.

Today, we are proud to be a company of international prestige, part of the AVIC group since 2016, with presence in Europe, Asia, the USA and South America.

Specialized in turnkey industrial installations and in offering unique and personalized solutions, since 2012 we have been a majority partner of Loxin 2002, complementing our portfolio.

Join us on the journey towards technological excellence and innovation in the industry.

Business Areas

More than 60 years innovating

Since our beginnings in 1961, at Aritex we have been pioneers in the creation of technological solutions for the industry, marking a trajectory of more than six decades of continuous innovation.
Throughout this time, we have established ourselves as leaders in the comprehensive development of turnkey industrial production lines, exceeding conventional limits and establishing solid alliances as relevant partners of the main manufacturers in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Credits: Airbus
The “Dream Team” of technology

The “Dream Team” of technology

At Aritex, more than 60 years of innovation merge with our unwavering commitment to excellence and technological evolution, reflected in all our business areas.
Join us as we continue to explore horizons and lead the way toward a more advanced industrial future.

Some of our challenges achieved

Discover outstanding examples of our innovative work. Each achievement reflects our dedication to overcoming challenges and delivering exceptional technology solutions. Explore our portfolio and discover how we turn ideas into tangible realities!


A350XWB stringers production cell – AIRBUS


A350XWB stringers production cell – AIRBUS

Our collaboration on the “A350XWB Stringer Production Cell” project for Airbus represents a comprehensive, turnkey approach to…
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Discover the solutions we offer you


Aritex takes off in the world of aeronautical innovation, taking a crucial step in 2001 by diversifying its activities into the aerospace sector, in collaboration with renowned leaders such as Airbus.

Since then, the company’s commitment to excellence and cutting-edge solutions has propelled the aerospace industry to new heights. With a rich history of revolutionary projects and a constant dedication to shaping the future of flight, Aritex stands as a pioneer in the field of aeronautics.


Our expertise focuses on the assembly of essential structural components, such as platforms and body sides, among others. We take advantage of all our knowledge to integrate advanced technologies, including among others welding, sealing and measurement systems that guarantee geometry accuracy and cycle time efficiency.


Starting from project consulting, to development, implementation, and after-sales services, from the Aritex Code unit we provide complete solutions based on the latest technology.

We provide expert knowledge in a wide range of digitalization technologies, their integration, and implementation in compliance with the ISA 95 standard. In addition, at Aritex Code we are an official partner of PTC, a company with more than 30 years helping to solve business problems through digital solutions.


The Aritex Software Department focuses on offering complete solutions for the manufacturing industry. We offer a wide range of high-performance software solutions to drive the efficiency of manufacturing processes.

Wind energy

The solid experience we have gained in the aeronautical sector translates into a commitment to excellence in the wind energy sector, where large structures, automation and precise tolerances are also essential. In a world where major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) look for trusted suppliers with cutting-edge technology, at Aritex we offer cutting-edge solutions.

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Our engineering experience is not limited to providing and designing solutions: we seek project success.

They already trust Aritex

With more than 60 years of progress and creativity, we have become the trusted partner of our customers. We design and implement turnkey projects, daring to integrate customized automated solutions with quality and efficiency. Our focus on innovation allows us to overcome the most challenging demands with safety, precision, and repeatability. Optimistically, we continue to be pioneers in the industry, providing solutions that make a difference.

Discovering the engineering of tomorrow: News & Blog

Explore our blog and read the latest news from Aritex or the latest technical articles that address hot topics in process engineering, the technologies applied to the different sectors we work in, or the latest engineering trends in the market. Our content highlights the current innovations that are shaping the industry. At Aritex, we believe in sharing knowledge to promote a more promising and real future.