Tailored solutions

Artificial vision system

ARITEX is the majority owner of EFETECH, a company dedicated to 3D artificial vision and geometric analysis for the control of robotic systems in the aeronautics field.

The results obtained with our systems and our software stand out for their precision, flexibility and power compared to other systems available on the market.

We have carried out projects for: Spirit AeroSystems, USA (2 vision systems), Airbus, Spain and Germany (26 vision systems), EADS CASA, Spain (2 vision systems) and COMAC, Shanghai (4 vision systems).

  • Features
    • High resolution cameras
    • Robot with vision
    • On board accuracy, 30 µm
    • Not affected by changes in light
  • Functions
    • Object characteristics control
    • Perpendicularity control
    • Point quality control
    • Inspection failure diagnosis
    • Surface scan
    • Scan and rivet recognition
    • Countersinking measurements
    • 3D measurements
    • No contact measurements
    • Software development from geometry data