Tailored solutions

Automatic Measurement

KINEMATIC3D (K3D) is a software developed to assure help and improve automatic measurement processes.


  • All types of Best Fit solutions with Numerical Control.
  • Assistance to Assembly process by best fit solutions
  • Automatic measuring solution for rigorous quality control of any manufactured / assembled part.
  • Identification of all Key Characteristics Points of a given part, sub-assembly or assembly for report build-up in OEM standard protocol.
  • Simulation & Control of the kinematics of any robot to automatically measure any part.
  • Projects
    • Marry-Up Systems. HTP C919
    • 1 Manual BestFit System. CWB C919
    • 2 Dimensional Check. Wing Cover A350
    • 1 Automatic Measurement Station. Inlet A320 Neo
    • 2 BestFit System. Keel Beam A350
    • 1 Measurement Station. Keel Beam A350
    • 2 Stringer Positioning system. Wing Cover A350