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At Aritex we care about the environment, its conservation and guaranteeing a sustainable future. It is for this reason that our commitment to our customers is displayed through the implementation of suitable technological solutions and processes that ensure high quality products. Our customers can manufacture with optimised consumption of resources, materials and energy, generating minimal rejection rates, via the application of Lean Production techniques, which aim to deliver maximum value to the customer using the minimum resources necessary as well as high efficiency systems, ensuring highly competitive and environmentally sustainable recurrent costs.

As a whole, Aritex management processes have all the references and accreditations to ensure their competence in different fields of activity, for which we have the following International Certifications and Standards that certify our management of the environment, quality and health and safety at work.

ARITEX CADING, S.A. has implemented an Integrated Management System (IMS), including requirements for Quality, Environment and Occupational Risk Prevention, which has been certified by the AENOR auditing institution, according to the following Standards:
The activity of ARITEX CADING, S.A., which ranges from the design and innovation of mechanical devices with a high level of engineering to the manufacture and assembly of automatic assembly lines for cars and aircraft parts, requires strict compliance with applicable European and international technical standards and, particularly, in accordance with European legislation and compliance with the CE Marking. This, combined with the fact that our production is not serial, requiring a high level of innovation and adaptation to the specific requirements of our customers, means that the base of a Management System that integrates all these requirements, besides being flexible and well structured, is the key to achieving high levels of competitiveness that allow us to participate in projects for major automobile and aeronautical manufacturing companies in Europe, America and Asia.
The commitment and support of the Senior Management of ARITEX CADING, S.A. is a key element for the implementation, maintenance and success of the Integrated Management System, which has been publicly established in the following:

SIG Policy

Environmental Requirements for Suppliers and Subcontractors

Policy on sustainable Raw Materials